Our services

SLD Express services

We offer you a range of professional services at competitive prices in the local and international markets

Local Shipping

Fast and reliable in-country shipping services with multiple tracking options.

Warehouse Management

Operating advanced warehouses, including dry and SFDA-approved facilities.

E-commerce Order Management

Integrated logistic solutions encompassing storage, packing, and delivery.

Specialized Logistic Services

Shipping solutions for sensitive or high-value products.

Express Shipping Services

Options for urgent shipment deliveries.

Tracking and Monitoring

Utilizing advanced technologies for shipment tracking.

Logistics Consulting

Assistance in optimizing supply chains.

Customized Shipping

Shipping services tailored to specific customer requirements.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Implementing sustainable practices in shipping.

Support and Customer Service

Providing effective support and after-sales services.

SFDA Licensing

Assistance with obtaining and managing SFDA licenses.

Refrigerated Transport

Offering refrigerated transport services for perishable products.


Frequently asked questions

You can track your shipment using the tracking number provided on our website or application.

We offer a variety of shipping options including domestic shipping, express shipping, and refrigerated transportation.

You can contact customer service for assistance.

Yes, we provide integrated logistics solutions for online stores.

You can request refrigerated transportation services through our reservation system or contact our support team.
Why us?

Why SLD Express?

Fast delivery

We work to deliver your order quickly and with the quality of delivery.

Trained staff

Quality Our team is trained to pay attention and take care of your shipment

Professional transportation

Professionalism We work according to clear and professional strategies

Shipment safety

Safety: We give your shipments the highest attention so that they arrive in accordance with their high quality